Tantra massage is an exclusive technique that originated in India. Back in the 5 AD, this technique was considered to be a special type of meditation that was widely applied to reach the balance between spirituality and physical world. Today, lots of people strive to come back to their roots and discover a new type of technique. Try Tantric Massage in Brisbane and plunge in the atmosphere of joy and satisfaction!

The History of Tantric Massage: Where Everything Started?

Some people think that the history of Tantric massage goes back to Thailand. However, this is a common misconception since Tantra massage originated in India. This is an ancient technique beloved by all the aristocratic members of society, who enjoyed visiting best parlours and salons. In 5 AD, this practice was used as a special type of meditation that aimed to establish the right balance between spiritual and physical worlds. The masseuse applied a wide range of techniques to put the client into trans — a feeling similar to happiness and euphoria.

The word “tantra” itself was coined by the combination of two separate notions, such as “mantra” and “tattva”. In such way, a new term combined the two meanings: the science of cosmic laws and concentration. Consequently, people practicing Tantric massage wanted to discover hidden knowledge, communicate with the universe and direct their time and energy to the most essential issues.

Peculiarities of the True Tantra Massage: What Do You Need to Know?

Tantric massage differs much from other approaches since it has a deep philosophy behind it. The massage has lots of nuances and peculiarities that are worth knowing before you come to the first session. It combines the elements of various sciences including bioenergetics and sexual therapy. Regardless of your goal, every person will find what he/she is looking for.

What is the Difference between White and Dark Tantra?

Before you decide to visit Tantric massage in Brisbane, you should be aware of all the nitty-gritty details behind this philosophy. First, you should know there is a clear distinction between three main approaches:

  • white tantra
  • dark tantra
  • grey tantra

White tantra massage focuses on the spiritual part of the human body. In simple terms, this approach does not presuppose massaging intimate human organs. The orgasm is not the primary goal of this technique, so a person should learn how to experience spiritual satisfaction.

On the contrary, dark tantra massage involves stimulation of the client’s genitalia. Among men, this means ejaculation of the semen, while women should reach bright orgasms. This type of practice is recommended for those individuals, who experience difficulties in their sexual lives. Dark tantra may become an excellent therapy to reach the highest sensuality.

Where to Find the Best Tantric Massage in Brisbane?

When it comes to choosing the right erotic massage salon, we advise browsing the net and analyzing all alternatives. As a rule, you have three main options:

  1. Going to a parlour
  2. Visit an individual masseur/masseuse
  3. Browsing different catalogues

Visiting a salon is the right choice as these places have a wide range of specialists. You can speak to an administrator to choose the service you like and the right professional. Experienced masseuses will make all your wishes true with exceptional treatment.

Going to individual masseuses is the right option as well. However, you should choose the right professional to avoid disappointment. Thus, it is better to look through our online catalogue to see which places are the best to visit in Brisbane!

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